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I grew up in a family of constant change, challenges, and overwhelming love. My family is not the typical suburban family and I was raised with challenges that many were not; however, those challenges made me the person I am today. I grew up with 2 loving parents and 2 supportive older brothers. My parents instilled in me a sense of responsibility, work ethic, and the ability to accept anyone no matter their background.  Growing up, we had a constant rotation of family, friends, and neighborhood people live with us who were in need of a safe and stable living situation at that moment. My parents instilled in me the desire to always be there for anyone in need and to have an open heart through any situation, and for that, I will forever be grateful. 

My dad has the hardest work ethic of anyone that I know, a trait I'm proud to have learned from him as I graduated high school in the top of my class and began college with enough credits to cover my first 2 years.  I am the first person in my family to attend college and graduating is one of my greatest accomplishments.  While enrolled at Radford University, I worked a full-time job to support myself through my education.  I surrounded myself with friends, connections, and loved ones that I still rely on today to help shape the person I am. I became my true authentic self while attending college and I am so very thankful for the opportunity to further my education. and push myself more than I thought I could.

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Trenton is the type of person who will always save the last piece of pizza for you.  He has an uncanny ability to lighten up a room and will do anything he can to make those around him feel welcome, supported, and that he is "in their corner".  Everyone who meets Trenton immediately falls in love with his sarcastic sense of humor and ability to make people laugh.  Trenton puts his whole heart and soul into the things he loves and it is this passion that I know will bring out the best in our child.  Some of the many things I love about him are his tendency to look on the bright side of any situation and the amount of care and thought he puts into making decisions.  I have no doubt that he will do anything and everything possible for our future child as he has done the same for me throughout our relationship.  Trenton will make an amazing, protective father and an even better role-model for our child.

About Trenton: Bio


  • Music

  • Laughter

  • Traveling

  • Experiencing new places and foods

  • Movie: Devil Wears Prada

  • Book: Harry Potter

  • Music: ANYTHING!!

  • Candy: Skittles

  • Food: Fried Chicken

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