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I grew up in Northern Virginia with my parents,  older brother, and younger sister.  My parents were (and still are) the most caring, supportive parents I could have asked for.  Childhood for me and my siblings involved a strong emphasis on education, a love of reading, many weekends on various sporting fields (my favorite being lacrosse), and a shared value on the importance of family.  I maintain very close relationships with my siblings and parents to this day.  My absolute favorite thing to do while growing up was to read and I continue that love to this day, a trait I hope to pass along to our future child.

After high school, I received an academic scholarship to attend Virginia Tech.  In college I had the unique opportunity to study abroad in China which is, to this day, one of my favorite experiences.  Being immersed in a new culture was truly life-changing and inspired me to seek out and learn about many other cultures around the world.  I graduated Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Arts in history and continued on to receive my Masters in Education from George Mason University.  I currently work as an instructional designer and curriculum developer.

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Have you ever met one of those people who, when you meet them, you instantly feel as if they are what is good about this world? I know that seems like a weird thing to say; however, if you ask anyone who knows James... They would agree that he is one of those purely, "good" people. He has one of the kindest souls that you will ever meet and finds the positive in all situations. He has made me a better person throughout my relationship with him and I am so excited to see our child learn from him. He is the nerdiest, quick witted, and most loving person I know. James was undeniably put on this earth to bring joy to those around him and I am forever grateful that he gets to be the sun and constant life in my life.

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About James: Bio


  • Reading

  • Exploring new museums

  • Traveling

  • Spending time with friends and family

  • Movie: Lord of the Rings

  • Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven

  • Music: Jack Johnson

  • Candy: Peppermint Patties

  • Food: Sushi

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